Ball Mill Rubber Lining

» Lifter Bar

This is the key part of ball mill rubber lining. Lifter bar is lift pebble to the high level so the grinding work is fast and fine. Our Lifter bar is come with M.S. or Aluminum “C” channel, So that our lifter bar is fastening very easily and does not comes out from ball mill shell till finish its service.

Our lifter bar is available for different ball mill size with under different size for:-

Height X Width
60mm X 110mm
75mm X 120mm
80mm X 140mm
80mm X 150mm
100mm X 150mm

Above all lifter bar is available in various lengths.

» Shell Plate

Shell plate has covers ball mill iron Body. One shell plate after one lifter bar fit in the ball mill. Shell plates come in various sizes.

» Combine Rubber liner (China type)

We have available combine rubber liner with direct rubber grove OR Aluminium OR M.S. channel. This combo parts is cover ball mill as well as lift the pebble. China make ball mill comes with combine rubber liner but without metal channel. This type of liner comes out form ball mill without fully worn. So we insist combine rubber liner with metal channel. The metal channel combine rubber liner is strongly fit with ball mill.

» Side shell plate

This side shell is fitting on dish end (Side) by the help of side lifter bar. Side shell plates are available in different sizes for all ball mills. Some shell plate comes with M.S. back plate for direct fitting.

» Center Circle

This center circle is fitted on both side of ball mill in center potion. This circle is fixed stud bolt. We give extra M. S. plate on back side Of this circle for fixed securely. We have various size circle mold for china make ball mill.

» Filler Ring

This buffer ring covers ball mill corner gap. We have available different type of buffer.

» Ball Mill Gate Plug

We have different size of rubber plug for in late and out late gate. This rubber plug prevents leakage liquid materials from gate.

» Ball Mill Gate Plug Ring

This ring is available for all size of gate plug. Rubber plug is come with ring. This ring prevents leakage but after some time use rubber ring potion damage. You can repair this rubber ring potion by fit the ring on plug. So the plug is working as again new one.

» ”T” bolt set

We have all type of T bolt with good quality rubber washer, Heavy duty M.S. Cup washer. and all Mill Gate Plug Ring.